Efficient Lighting

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Would you open the oven of your electric stove and heat your house?  Well, maybe once, until you get your electric bill!

That is basically what you do when turning on a light with an  incandescent bulb.  When a incadescent light is on, 90% of the energy it consumes it turned directly into heat, with only 10%  of the consumed energy producing light.

A CFL (compact flourescent) emits 30% of the energy as heat and 70% as light.  Even better is LED as it emits 90% of it's energy as light and only 10% as heat.

For the past few years, we have installed CFL bulbs throught the house.  As the price of the LED's continues to decline, we are switching to them.  I expect our 2014 project will be 50% LED's.