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Efficient Appliances

Selection of appliances for the home that use less energy is very important.  You've gone to all the work of air sealing, and insulating your home, so why would you want to use appliances the consume too much energy.  The extra energy used by the appliances is heat that is released inside the home.  So, that means you get to use your air conditioner to pump this heat out of the house.  Unless you love to pay high electric bills id doesn't make good sense does it?

In addition to consuming more electricity, energy saving appliances that also use water (washer and dishwasher) consume considerablly less water than older or the generic, cheaper appliances.  More often than not, the money you save buying a cheap appliance is soon eaten up the the extra electricity and water that it uses.

So, use the most efficient Energy Star Appliances that you can afford and always check the Energy Star labels to see you are getting the best for your money. We include all Energy Star appliances as part of each habitat home we construct.